Our Response to COVID-19

Dear Valued D’tails Clients,

We consider you an extension of our own family and are adjusting our daily routine to ensure your health and safety while we continue to provide grooming services. Our family designed D’tails Pet Salon to be a small business with a small, dedicated clientele so that we could, with confidence, care for your pets without the increased risk of disease transfer that happens in larger facilities. We couldn’t have predicted that the measures that we take on a daily basis to protect your pet would be so important in protecting ourselves. Below are the safety measures previously in place to protect your pets plus, changes that we have made to protect you.


Safety Measures Already In Place to Prevent the Spread of Disease Between Pets
          • No contact is allowed between dogs
          • Client drop-off/pick-up times are staggered to limit contact
          • We wash our hands between handling pets
          • Surfaces are sanitized with a bleach solution between pet contact
          • Salon air is treated constantly though a UV light filter
Changes We Have Made to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 Between Humans
          • The lobby is empty so that we can more easily sanitize
          • The checkout counter and door handles are sanitized between clients
          • One person in the lobby at a time. We ask that if there is a car in the lot, please wait outside or in your car until that client has exited (for your comfort and theirs).
          • If you prefer: We are happy to come out to you. Just let us know ahead of time so that we can prepare. Call when you arrive. Payments can be made over the phone with credit or debit.


We know that this is a stressful time and we want to handle it as calmly and safely as possible. Not knowing what the coming weeks hold, we have decided to open our schedule to accommodate our clients as soon as possible, but limiting the number per day to reduce concentration and allow us the time for the added responsibilities. We will continue to accept appointments as long as possible and will send notification through text or call if we must cancel appointments and close. Feel free to call or text us with any questions or concerns at (260)715-3647. Thank you for your support in this matter and continuing to trust us with the care of your pet.

The D’tails Team

Trinity, David & Nigella